Laravel Homestead – No input file specified

If you haven’t used Laravel Homestead yet, i recommend it!

It is an excelent way to get a development environment on your machine without having to fuss with the configuration. Problem is, sometimes, you can do errors and you’ll have to look for a while to find your error.

When accessing my virtual machine, this is what i have had for a few minutes now and i wasn’t sure how to fix it:

No input file specified.

After searching i found out that you simply needed to check your mapping paths from homestead.yaml. In my case, was configured differently from my real machine folders like so:

    - map:
      to: /home/vagrant/Code/

But, in reality, i didn’t have “.app” in my folder path. Just remove that, save your YAML file and then run:

homestead provision

to reset the configuration. I’ve tried to halt and up the machine to no avail, it seems you have to reprovision it!

Finally switched to Linux on my main machine

It’s been a long time i wanted to do it. Developping on Windows is far from productive, you need to many things to make it work correctly and often end up using a virtual machine with linux on it to achieve your development needs. Yesterday, i finally made the move to Ubuntu 14.10 directly on my main machine, the only thing that really held me back was that i played with some games and playing over WineHQ is usually not the same experience.

Initial try

I was too happy to finally pass on to a Linux machine and forgot that my old crappy machine had issues with the CD Burner. I downloaded the ISO and attempted to create a burned image of the CD to only realise after 5 DVDs that i definitely had an issue with it, crap… Solution, solution, solution?!?

Enter LiLi

I had to find another solution to installing Ubuntu and i searched a little and found out that you can install any Linux flavor using “LinuxLive USB Creator” or LiLi. So i downloaded that, installed it and launched it. Apart from the obvious UI mess (Sorry if you like it, i don’t), the application did it’s job perfectly well. Thanks to my friend who lives next door and doesn’t always lose it’s USB keys everywhere like i do, i was able to create a working USB stick with a Linux Ubuntu install.

Checking NVRAM

If you ever plug in a USB device such as a USB key and/or a USB hard disk and get this on boot, don’t bother looking for solutions. I ended up wasting about 2h looking for solutions around the web. Lots of people seem to be getting that on ASUS boards although it might not be limited to that. After 2 hours of wasted time, i just ended up going back to Windows to find another way.

Backup and install on 2nd HDD

What i ended up doing, after going around my disk for a few hours to backup everything important, is that i formatted my second hard drive and used LiLi to install a bootable install medium on it. Restarted my computer once that was done and i was finally able to install Ubuntu. No less than 1h later i was installing my development software and restoring my backed up files.

I hope this may help someone else eventually and not waste that much time!

Happy coding all…

Upcoming PHPQuebec presentation on Personal branding

Come and listen to Frederic Harper discuss about personal branding: You may think that personal branding is not for you? Why should you care about your own branding, you’re not an actor and singer even less of an international rock band, right? In these days where everyone has the power to stand out more easily, more quickly share and grow its network as ever, it is more important than ever to think of you as a brand. Of course, the goal is not to go as far as your favorite brand of soft drink, but we will explore together the what, why, who and how (what, why, Who & how) of personal branding for developers.

Rencontre Mars 2015 – Le personal branding, plus important que jamais

Thursday, Mar 5, 2015, 6:30 PM

420 rue Guy Montréal, QC

13 PHPers Attending

La rencontre de Mars aura lieu dans un nouvel emplacement. Le Centre va nous héberger et Pronexia va fournir les rafraîchissements.Quand: 5 mars, 18:30 pour les breuvages et le réseautage. 19:00 pour la session.Où: Le Centre cloud.ca420 rue GuyMontrealH3J 1S6Le personal branding, plus important que jamaisFrédéric HarperVous pense…

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Just added a simple but very useful SublimeText 2 cheatsheet to my GitHub repos

I had created this a long time ago but didn’t think of posting it before now. Here’s a cheatsheet i like to use when introducing people to SublimeText 2, my prefered editor.

Obviously, there are better editors, but this one is free and blazing fast although it doesn’t provide much insight. All in all, it’s a great tool for anyone, not just coders!

Upcoming presentation at PHPQuebec on February 5th 2015

Join us at PHPQuebec’s february meeting, i’ll be presenting a few tips and tricks on optimizing your batch processing using number and calendar tables.

The slides are available at

For more information you can visit Meetup to register and follow PHPQuebec’s meetings at:

February 2015 Meeting – Advanced SQL Techniques for Simpler Batch Operations

Thursday, Feb 5, 2015, 6:30 PM

1280 Bernard West, Suite 303 Outremont, QC

26 PHPers Went

February’s meeting will be held on February 5. And once again our sponsor Pronexia will be hosting us and providing the refreshments.When: February 5, 18:30 for drinks (sponsored by Pronexia) and networking. 19:00 for the talk.Where: Pronexia’s office  1280 Bernard West, Suite 303  Outremont,  Quebec  H2V 1V9Advanced SQL Techniques for Si…

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