Support a sick friend, buy a cool coder t-shirt!

One of my friend is sick with leukemia LAL a special form of leukemia that cannot be cured with standard medication. Sadly, that non-standard medication is not covered and she doesn’t have enough cash on hand to pay for it. She’s doomed unless we poll together.

I created a teespring campaign with a cool t-shirt for coders, all profits will go to her fund raising to help her pay for her treatment:

Thanks in advance!

Offloading dependencies to third party users, right or wrong?

I’ve been working at a big business for the last year and a half and i have seen my share of bad practices since i started. Nothing new here, big businesses usually don’t sport a lot of high end talent and the development is usually highly disorganized. But at least, one would think that correct application infrastructure was a must for large business like those. Today, i want to talk about application intercommunication and the best and worst practice you can do on that part.
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Sleepless nights and joyful days incoming!

I’m proud to announce officialy today that my wife and i are expecting a son or daugther (Looks more like a daugther so far but we ain’t sure) for the end of august 2015.

If you have never been through the process of creating a kid from scratch using InVitro procedures, let me tell you it’s not easy, mostly for the mother, thats true, but the father still has to cope with a lot of emotions.

It has recently been 8 years that we have been waiting for this event to come by and in less than 5 months, it will be a new reality for both of us.

I wish to thank everyone who kept my spirit up all along. It wasn’t easy but i can now say that things will be brighter than ever. Even if we’ll have dreadfully short nights, we’ll have joyful mornings!

Upcoming presentation on Laravel 5 in Montreal

There is a meeting at Laravel Montreal where we’ll check out the different new things in Laravel 5 and we’ll even get to talk with Taylor Otwell…

Discovering Laravel 5 and Q&A with Taylor Otwell

Thursday, Mar 12, 2015, 7:00 PM

651 rue Notre-Dame Ouest, 2ème étage Montréal, QC

36 Artisans Attending

The newest version of Laravel 5 is out, and you need to check it out. Come join us to discover the newest features, and catch up with all the cool stuff.After the presentation, you’ll have the chance to ask whatever questions you might have to Taylor Otwell who will be joining us for a Q&A skype call !We’ll finish such an epic night by going out …

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