Standardizing exception handling in PHP projects using CrazyCodr/StandardExceptions

A while back i created an exception library. The project was launched about a year ago, i’ve been using it a lot in my projects but there is definitely a lack of usage outside my projects and i’m not receiving any feedback. This post today is to show you the basics of the library and how you can make use ... Read More »

Using illuminate routing as a standalone component

I tried using Illuminate\Routing today as part of an application at work i am refactoring and following this article was quite helpful: The problem i hit was that if you set this into a subfolder such as: /admin/mass-creation/ And expect the routing to be based off the root of the web site, then you are wrong. All your routes must ... Read More »

Big companies, big structure, slow progress!

If you have never worked in a big company before (I didn’t) then you need to be aware of how these businesses operate or you might be suprised at the amount of repression and control being exerted onto you. My most recent contract resulted in a pretty long and harsh year because i came in with the wrong train of thoughts. I ... Read More »

How to set appropriate priority of issues

One question that often gets raised is how to qualify the priority of bugs/issues you receive. Knowing when to correct a bug or fix an issue is something most people don’t have a problem as long as it is rightfully prioritized. What is priority? Priority is a relative measure of the importance of an element versus others. So how do ... Read More »

Duplicated code, duplicated trouble!

Introduction It’s been a while i was supposed to release the last part of the STUPID series but i was stuck in something big at work and couldn’t muster the strength to write it out. This week, i will focus on duplicated code and the impact of it on developpement. Old code is often hard to refactor because of it’s ... Read More »

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